Nice People

They're out there.

I can hear them

chirping like birds

at the feeder.

Day after day

they have only good things

to say

Jennifer's job

Jason's school play


class, the MBA

program to help them

stay ahead

like nice people.


in my troglodyte's cave

I rave because

they're out there.

I can hear them

gibbering, gerbils nibbling

their giblets

like nice people.

The smattering

that starts them chattering so

brightly slights

my appetite.

How unsightly my

hunger must

seem to them.

I'm surly? Surely.

I'm not

like nice people.

I'm strange to them

for wanting & finding them


for not wanting

to test the festering flesh

a life-grip


the modest morsels they claim for themselves

like nice people

as they block

the way to my hunger

just because

they're out there.