Demolition Fedora

Transpire the lucubrating offset.

The curmudgeons undertow their

lugubrious lament. Instantaneous

the flow of rivers



and content expressing

its cement bulge in the navelry of orange



Without its purview

the scope of dopamine cannot

discharge its aura, nor stir in it

horrible contempt for the turn

styled. Masses

spur its awful genus. To the stylus


of fair played in its


moribund vinyl stack, whose very blackening



asserts the tribe's



striation as a statement of a sovereign nation




eating the heads


of its guillotine dismembered in honor of the


Nor the equity

its horses unchained where nectar plumb


leads its scary seed

to breed in the moist crevice of the inanimate


chosen by the masters of decree

in postulate entry, oozing pus in

trees barren of paper. The rape

was well accounted for,


the papers said

behind the fonts of readers


dreading the hope

of the many for they threw, their

sentries run the pencil of orgasm,

thin as slumber, naked as deluge,



or its messianic tint



invidious in its dapple sway & ointment.



For the conjoined translucents

panicking with flutes, loins & goat hooves


to bare their momentous downroll

up hills where they top prophecy with acorns, declare

the militance of furriers

abjurious to the naked forerunners


in their sharkened tint. The night

before the ostentation stark in its

rude appeal turns sanguine at

the sun, instant


bides its time

as distance of the cowering gray.


Where the hovels

snatch the blue teeth of night to scratch

at crucial sediments, ignite raw density.

Intent in its sentiment: who to demolish


the catwalks of the towering shovel